Shipping & Payment Policy

SHIPPING: The weight, volume, destination, and transportation mode are taken into account when calculating shipping costs. Order shipping costs are determined individually upon request. You may find a breakdown of shipping prices here.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: When necessary, additional expenses like phytosanitary certificates, inspections, treatments, or other similar necessities may be added to your account; these expenses are non-refundable in the event that an order is cancelled, a product is swapped, or a return is made.

IMPORT REGULATIONS: If we don’t follow your nation’s import laws, we won’t be held responsible. It is your obligation to familiarize yourself with any rules and specifications pertaining to the importation of our items. You alone are responsible for paying all import taxes, inspection fees, treatment costs, and similar expenses.

PAYMENTS: Payments are to me made in full using either Paypal or Direct transfer to our Business account, we will never change the details of our bank account. Payment is made on invoice and will include all relevant items, including additional certificates, treatments and inspections.

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